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Our firm is committed to providing a variety of resources to our clients so they can make informed, independent decisions. We value recognition of our commitment to advocating for the rights of our clients and others as well as pioneering roles for women in law.

The Face of a Lawyer

An oral history of trailblazing women in Illinois law

In the early ‘70s, when A. Marcy Newman showed up on her first day at Case Western Reserve University School of Law, she was one of about 10 women in a class of 210 students, and some professors didn’t know what to do. One brought up a case involving a woman who’d suffered pain and damage during a hairdresser appointment, and pointedly invited Newman to comment. “This is closer to you than the rest of us,” he declared—but his assumptions were wrong. Newman had been a counterculture hippie at the University of Wisconsin, toasting marshmallows with thousands of others after protesters firebombed a grocery store. “Well, I don’t go to the hairdresser,” she told him. “I’m sure your wife does. Maybe you can answer that.” Read More

WGN LogoListen to Marcy Newman talk about the impact of COVID-19 on custody issues when she joins David Cole, ACLU National Legal Director, and Carter Phillips, Sidley Executive Committee Chair Emeritus and Supreme Court veteran as the cover a wide range of topics during Legal Face-Off broadcast by WGN 720 Radio and available as a podcast .

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Partner Andrea Lum was invited to present a seminar about how social media can influence the outcome of divorce cases during a luncheon in January 2020 for the CBA’s Cyber Law and Data Privacy Committee.

State of Illinois Supreme Court SealLearn about a victory won in February 2000 that ultimately provides a way for guardians to protect the rights of a disabled adult when it comes to the dissolution of a marriage. Click here to Learn More

Helpful information and documents

For your easy access, the attorneys at Newman Law will help you identify and complete the approved documents and forms that are relevant to your case. Clients who review them early in their planning process find they are prepared to make more informed decisions.

Financial affidavits

Here are links to instructions and most recently approved affidavits to complete regarding financial matters affecting a divorce


Child Support

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